24 Apr ~ Full out Panic

Well, shockingly enough, Mark is out of town again. I will be so glad when some of these jobs wind down (as will he, I know). BUT something always happens when he's gone. This time I swear the earth came to a halt for me. We have been so fortunate thus far--- we've had lots of illnesses but no real accidents so to speak. Well, tonight, all I heard was a crash and a scream... and then, silence. I look over to find my beautiful french antique mirror on the ground and Lincoln underneath it. I then hear the screaming and crying resume. I swear they're not kidding about the strength adrenaline can give you... the mirror is a gazillion pounds and I tossed it up like it was nothing. Grabbed my baby and just saw blood EVERYWHERE. First, I was scared. Then, I was pissed Mark wasn't there (and I know it's not his fault, but I REALLY wanted/needed him to be there for this one). And finally came back to scared. Luckily, everything turned out ok. No concussion. No stitches. The dr. said it was like a scalping, and you had to let the skin reattach. You could literally pull it up if you pulled on his hair. It was awful!! He was a trooper though. Stronger than his mama for sure.

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