Easter 2011

Happy Easter!!! Dear Jesus, thank you for the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you for loving me and mine just as your own children despite our sins and brokenness. We are so undeserving- thank you for finding us worthy. I love you.

This was a photo from a little mini session the babes did with Leah. Will post the rest later... don't have the cd yet.

The Easter Bunny came back as promised and left some loot for my sweeties.

Of course, all he cared about was the cars.
And she about the messy craft.
In their Sunday best!

This year, Mark's parents offered to host and I was so relieved. Though I undoubtedly usually jump at the chance, I'm just overwhelmed right now and SOOOOOO tired. So it turned out to be a lifesaver. I will say it was a little disappointing for me b/c my dad couldn't make it, and my grandparents were sick so they stayed home as well. It was a wonderful meal and day, but my heart was a little less full with them absent.

When they arrived at Nana and Papa's house, they found more Easter basket fun. Spoiled little kiddies.

While we were waiting for the food to be done, the Easter Bunny hopped over and left a gazillion eggs to find for their REAL Easter egg hunt. While Sailer is no doubt a pro, this little man is starting to get the hang of it. He does always want a "helper" though. This time Papa got the job.

Afterwards, they came in and tried to eat as much as they could. Good parenting, I know.

And for comic relief.... my little risky business!

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