24 June ~ Sable, 3 weeks old.

Today was sadly Sailer's last day of zoo camp, and as we were leaving, she was so cute. She said "mommy, can I come back to zoo camp when I get big?" Usually that means big like mommy, but I finally figured out there were a bunch of older kids there that did the camp all day long, and she wanted to do that. Money definitely well spent.

While Sailer was at zoo camp, this little man and I went to mimi's house to play.... and play with his new race track.  I swear this kid has a one track mind.

Today Miss. Sable is 3 weeks old.  She's so sweet and scrumptious.  She's still having major tummy issues (hence, the naked baby below) and thus, having really hard times staying asleep at night.  It breaks your heart to hear her.  Here is our beautiful little girl.
After we picked Sailer up from the zoo, she and Linc stayed the night with Mimi.... and mommy, daddy, Sable and the Minogues celebrated her 3 week birthday at the movies.  The girls going to see Midnight in Paris (loved) and the boys to Green Lantern (apparently, disappointing).  Sable again, was an angel.

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