25 June ~ Sable's first church experience

 My little sweetie has totally impressed me this summer.... she's a natural little fish.  Fearless and strong.  Thanks to her nana, she has become an awesome little swimmer.  The only downfall is the constant begging to swim.... all day long.  This normally wouldn't be a problem, but with Sable, it's a little bit tricky for mommy.

My little darling ready for church.
 And Sable's first time to go to church.  Say a prayer she let's us be able to worship.
 Because I usually just post pics to show Sable off... I thought I just had to include some of the ones that totally crack me up.

 Well, the service was amazing. And we almost made it without event.  Until the tailend of the sermon.  Sable started to grunt.  And anyone who's been around her knows she is not quiet.  She sounds pretty similar to a man.  It would be impressive if it wasn't so gross.  I knew what was happening, but couldn't do anything about it.  So I just sang the ending praise and worship songs and then, headed to the bathroom.  Only to find this.  I'm fairly certain this is not a normal color.

 Luckily, auntie leah had left some jammies in our diaper bag from the night before because this outfit was a goner.  After we got her all cleaned up, we met the Reiersons at Taco Stand for a quick dinner.

I love that Sailer loves to help.  She's such a sweet pea.

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