26 Mar ~ My baby turns 4!!

I truly can't believe Sailer turns FOUR today. I know it sounds trite to say "I feel like you were just born yesterday"... but it's true. She seems like she was just given to us. But look at her... she's not a baby anymore. She's not really even a true toddler anymore. She's becoming a GIRL. I so want to tell her to just STOP. Your mama wants you to stay small. Forever.

Right now you are such a little spitfire. You're sugar sweet one second. A little diva the next. And then, an emotional hormonal mini-woman right after that. You're bright. Caring. Funny. Empathetic. Sassy. Loving. Silly. Creative. Artsy. And all mine.

You love school (museum school the best).... and have learned so much this year. You've conquered your letters and numbers. You're a little sponge and forget NOTHING. This serves you well sometimes, and gets your mama in trouble at other times. You love cheerleading though you're not that coordinated yet. (= You adore ballet and your teacher, Miss. Lisa. You're so ready for your upcoming recital. You love your brother but like to torture him. You still love to play with princesses, are obsessed with Olivia and Strawberry Shortcake, horrible Barbie movies, and doing puzzles. You love to be outside, jump on the trampoline, play with your friends, and cause lots of messes. And of course, there is always some type of craft going on. That's your favorite thing of all.

Today you turn 4. I pray you have the best birthday ever.

It started out with breakfast with your nana and papa. Then, you were kidnapped by Ms. Jenny and your bff Bella Grace and taken to Sweet & Sassy for a little pampering.

And mini-manis.
But the best part was the hair washing....

And dorothy-coifing.

My beautiful little birthday Dorothy.

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