Welcome to Sailer's Oz.

Welcome to Oz. Sailer's Oz, that is. Sailer decided about 6 months ago that she was going to have a "Dorothy" party. I thought it was so funny- but her nana loves it just as much, and it's rubbed off. The following pics are all out of order but I don't have the patience to put them in order. (=

It was a crazy day! I along with amazing friends had been decorating for this party for weeks! And much of it turned out better than I'd hoped, but of course, the weather was crazy as usual. Mark and I had set up a huge tent outside that was to wherehouse the tables and such and it blew completely over about an house before the party. Awesome. (= Other than that small little detail, it went perfectly. And Sailer had an amazing time, so that's all that matters. When her friends arrived, they received a basket to take down the yellow brick road which contained all kinds of stops along the way. You first passed Dorothy's house that killed the witch. Then, entered Munchkin land that had a Lollipop Shoppe and Glinda's Magic Bubbles. Then, all the guests entered Glinda's Glamour Room where they got their nails painted, glittered hair, jewelry, and a Dorothy apron for the girls, and a cape of courage for the boys. Then, you met the Scarecrow and received a diploma and Smarties candie. Next, you got to play pin the heart on the tinman to win Hershey's kisses. The next stop was the Test of Courage where you bobbed for apples in the Haunted Forest. This took you past the Shrinking Witch Potion as you headed to meet the Wicked Witch. And lastly, you ended at Oz which included the craft tables.

All of the kids tables were a different theme- Dorothy, Glinda, the scarecrow, the tinman, the lion, and the Wicked Witch.

Sweet little Lincoln (one of the three little lollipop kids)

the Haunted Forest.

Munchkinland Lollipop Shoppe
The party hats were tin hats.
Picking up your diploma from the scarecrow.
Glinda's Magic Bubbles
Apple Juice from the Haunted Forest amidst the Poppy Field.
Witch hat cookies at the Witch's castle.
The horse of a different color.

Smarties from the Scarecrow.

Blowing out her cake (the ruby red slippers).

Sweet Addy (her big sis).

Each little girl received a personalized Dorothy apron & little boys were given a cape of courage.
The house with a tornado on top.
The baskets they were given as they went in to put their goodies inside.

Glinda's Glamour Room.

In the hot air balloon.

Sweet keith trying to get the balloons off the ceiling.
the apples from the HAunted forest.

little lollipop kid that refused to let anyone do his hair today. lol!

the Tinman station.

the crafts table.

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