28 Apr ~ Sailer's 4 Year Check Up

Because we've been sick so much, we haven't been able to make it to the pediatrician for a WELL check.... so it's finally here. Sailer's 4 year check up. I was really worried about this one. For several reasons. Lately, we've been really worried she'd lost hearing. They'd mentioned it at her last appt with her ears. And she has constantly been saying "WHAT?" in that loud-i'm-under-water voice or just not hearing us at all. Coupled with the 4 year shots. Thus, I called in reinforcements. Mark never really goes to the dr with us b/c he's at work. Well, I put this on his calendar as a cannot miss.
Can I tell you how much my baby girl shocked me!?!? She was a rock star. She passed her hearing test. Means she was either ignoring us or had a bad habit from when she really couldn't hear us or maybe a little bit of both. She passed her vision test. Hilariously enough, when the dr. pointed to the boat, her response was "pirate ship." Good enough. And not that we didn't know it, but she's a total nugget. She's 8% in both height and weight. Then, it came time for the shots. Mark and I flanked her on both sides, and I just got in her face and kept asking her what kind of toy she'd like to buy for being so brave, and she winced, and I got so close and kept kissing her... and she never cried. Not a tear. I still can't believe it. Sailer is tough but she's also a little bit of drama. And she was completely drama free. She was amazing. And beyond brave.

So we went straight to the Owl's Nest and picked out a toy.
And ended at the Ice Cream place to celebrate our success.

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