29 Apr ~ Lincoln turns TWO.

My precious little man turns TWO today. Someone pinch me. I swear it's a dream and he's still a baby. It's going by tooooo fast. I know this is one of the hardest times of your life... but I also know it's the best time of my life. And that I'll want to go back to these moments and relive them when they're older.

I know everyone thinks their children are the best (as it should be), but I truly do think my Lincoln is the most handsome, smartest, funniest, sweetest little boy on the planet. Bar none.

My dear Lincoln,

Sweet boy, your little puppy dog eyes melt me EVERY stinking time you look at me. Those long lashes are just unfair, but seriously, if you've got them, flaunt them. But when you smile and those dimples come out, I'm a complete goner. They stopped my heart the first time I saw them in the hospital, and they continue to do so two years later.

Now why i think you're the smartest... well, you are always studying everything. You don't talk a lot, but when you do, it totally throws me for a loop because it's smart. You listen and intake everything. Your teachers at school always brag on how much you listen and retain... and that they think you're the most advanced in your class. I will tell you that it surprised me at first because you were slow to do everything (crawl, walk, talk, etc.), but you literally just started one day and haven't stopped wowing us. You can count to 20, know most of your colors, and love to look at animal pictures and scream their sound.

You are such a sweet little boy. You love to hug and be carried... and you love your mama. You get jealous when I give others attention and I secretly smile inside when you do. You want to be carried everywhere, which is a small challenge right now being 9 months pregnant and you being 34 lbs. But we manage, don't we, buddy?

You're so different than your sister. Where she can't meet a stranger, you are reserved and take a while to warm up. While she loves everyone and wants all to be her best friend, you reserve your love and devotion to a select few after getting to know them. I think this is valuable because you stay loyal to those people. Where your sister loves crowds and lots of people, you get overwhelmed. You sort of shut down or get cranky or just want to be held. I'm learning how to be your mama because I don't understand it sometimes.... but I think it's just another reason I think you're so sweet and sensitive.

There are a few things you hold above all else.... (1) your blankies. You don't go anywhere without them. I really wish you'd chosen lovies if you were going to have a security blanket. But no, you chose a full thick blanket. And to complicate things, I bought extras for the just in case... and you discovered them. You now demand "two blankies" where ever we go. You're a sight with those in tow. (2) Cars. Well, anything with a wheel. You are the quintessential little boy. And so much like your daddy in that way. You can sit and play with them forever! You love to watch as cars drive by and tell me what they are and/or if someone we know has that car. It really is somewhat amazing that you know and can tell the difference. (3) Your Papa. Seriously, little man, your papa is often #1 in your eyes. You get so excited when you see him that you often ignore everyone else in the room. I love that you have that kind of relationship with him. I remember (and still do) believe my Pom rules the world. (4) Ty Ty. I can use your friendship with Ty to get you to do most anything. If you don't want to nap, I can bribe you to go to sleep without a fuss if I promise he'll be here when you wake up. I pray you stay friends forever. (5) As for sports, soccer didn't fare well with you. But around this house, you love to play "golf". You are always going to get the clubs and hitting any kind of ball whether it be a golf ball or basketball. Doesn't matter to you in the least. Your daddy loves it! (6) And last but not least, your fave foods are pizza and donuts. Seriously kid, who is your mother???

I hope you grow to know how lucky I feel to have you as my baby boy. How proud I am of who you're becoming and how much I can't wait to see who you become and the kind of man you'll be. Sweet boy, I love you so. You make my world go round. And I sincerely mean that.

Love, mom.

Because I opted to wait to do a car themed birthday party for Linc's third birthday (yes, i'm crazy and think like this), I still had to do something with cars. So I decorated his little table for him to wake up to....
Wake up, birthday boy.

And come see your surprise.... I love his little excited face!!!
It made me smile that you went to the cars on the window before even noticing you had some presents just waiting to be opened.

Just chillin'....
And your fave...doughnut holes.
Lincoln's second birthday fell on another HUGE day--- the Royal Wedding. To say I was excited was an understatement! Any other year I would've loved to have done a huge royal party, but I just couldn't swing it this year. )= But I couldn't let the day slip by without a little British flair...

These are just random shots of my babies making each other laugh (probably thinking "is our mom for real? ")

Linc and I did go to a little viewing party with friends, which was perfect. I borrowed Sailer's headband for my headpiece.
And Sailer donned his British flag shirt.

When we got back... and because it's his birthday.... we sat out in the garage for an hour while Lincoln "drove." This is a constant battle. He wants to drive when we get in the car and and when we're getting out. It usually ends in tears (from one or both of us.)
When Sailer got home from school, she and I watched it again. You won't likely see a real girl becoming a true princess again for some time.... or at least not like this. And in this splendor. Notice on the TV, the princess is walking into the cathedral.
Lincoln checked out and played with his car.
Daddy came home early with another present (that he went to ToysRUs and picked out himself unprompted)... a new huge remote control car. Linc was in heaven.

Nana and Papa came over with more presents....
And Sailer tried to peak in them. (=
Notice the gun to the face. Thank you, Aunt Kelly.
And finally, dinner at Chuckie Cheese. I hate that place. But kids love it. And it was all about Lincoln. He didn't much move from this place.... he had a cup of coins and just kept putting them in one after another.
While Sailer rode or played everything....

Lincoln still stayed here...

Now this is a story. Anyone who knows me, I like nice cakes. Especially for your real birthday. Well, I had heard that Albertsons made awesome cakes that were reasonably priced too. So I thought, why not? Mark picked the cake up for me, and came in and said "you're not going to like it." For him, Mr. Clueless, to know I was going to freak speaks volumes. I opened up the box and I swear I almost started hyperventilating. It looked like someone had just thrown up icing all over it and stuck a car in the middle of it and called it good. I swear, it it hadn't just been family for dinner to "enjoy" it, I would've gone out right then to get another one. Oh well---- he didn't notice, of course, and I just had to laugh.
Linc, don't worry, I cried too when I first saw it. lol! Just kidding. I don't think Lincoln felt that hot, and he started to melt down about this time.
Mostly because he wanted that dang car in the middle. Oh well, we gave in.
And then, he was happy once again.
Miss. S was so excited to "meet" THE Chucky Cheese.

Linc just wanted to go back and drive.

Pretty sure this is a dangerous sequence of events....

Here's to flying into your 2's, little man. Enjoy it! I love you so much!

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