3 June ~ Toddlers and Firecrackers (an explosive combination)

Today the boys are heading to the golf course and the mamas are in charge.... we're planning on hitting the lake this morning. So here's Mr. Linc in his new Captain America swimsuit.
Breakfast of champions.
The best and cutest little babysitter ever.
Could they be ANY Cuter??  Linc is a little obsessed with Hudson--- the first thing (literally the first) he would say when he woke up was "were pudson?"
This little one wasn't too far behind.... I just love this picture b/c they're actually sharing and coloring the same page.
We made a craft table out on the sun porch.... which worked well to contain the mess.  And boy was there a mess.
Sweet Sable basqueing in the rays.
Ok- apparently, there had been a huge drought and the water level was the lowest it had ever been... which worked out perfectly for us.  It made this awesome beach front right outside out backdoor.  It was made out of mud, but the kids didn't seem to mind.  In fact, they loved it.

(Well, maybe not Alyssa.)

The great thing about a lake is that it totally zaps the little ones so they either nap or have to take a breather at some point.
After nap time, we put on some of our festive wear and headed back to the mainhouse.
Auntie Katie bought this for Miss. Sable, but she's going to have to grow into it. (=
While the daddys were out, they stopped off at a firecracker stand and brought back all kinds of goodies.  The kids got a huge kick out of throwing the little snap things.

Kaia and S are getting ready to celebrate Ms. Katie's birthday!

I have to brag on Keith.  I've been around him quite a bit, but this weekend really showed me what an amazing dad he is.  Every night he was in the middle of ALL of the kids wrestling, playing, cracking jokes, dancing, etc.  They all absolutely adored him and probably felt like he was the best toy they brought.  I have to say- Hudson and Harper are so lucky to have such an amazing kid-at-heart dad at home.

[This is Sailer and Keith having a discussion about the nickname "Codfish" that Sailer coined.  Thank you, Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Lol]

After dinner, we took the kiddos outside to set off fireworks.  I'm sure you can guess who these were bought for...
Unfortunately, Linc was far from a fan of the loud fireworks. )=  Mama had to take him inside because they scared him so badly.  He's still a little shaken up from the Air show the night beforehand.

I'm sure there probably should be some law against this...

I adore this picture of Harper (though her mama doesn't).... it just screams, "I'm having a blast!"
Once all of the fireworks were lit and baths were had, all the kiddos in their Fourth of July jammies.  Getting 7 babies to all look at the camera at one time is IMPOSSIBLE!

Cake time!

Long, long, long after all the babies and daddys had crashed, we mamas were still awake just enjoying our time to talk and laugh uninterupted by kiddos!  Well, until one said kiddo did this....

All in all it was still a huge success. (=

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