the FOuRtH oF juLy 2011

This little get away has been such a blessing--- to have fun with great friends, to finally embrace some true girl time, for the kids to get to make so many fun memories with some of their besties, and honestly, to just chill in a fun and (mostly) relaxing place.  My kids are going to be so sad when they realize we will be leaving tomorrow and that they won't get to just wake up and find instant playmates.

Here are my babes ready to start the day...

Three little monkeys jumping in the bed....
two fell down...
... and luckily, no one bumped their head.
Linc's got his fishing pole ready to go!
And the jump house just awaiting several little hoodlums to find it.
But the quintessential pictures of summer.... just drinking straight from the sprinkler.

Aren't they the most adorable things EVER?!

And baby Sable in her first swimsuit.

And the big girls running through the sprinkler!  Pure simple innocent fun.

What was so fun was that on the property was a little goat farm and tons of other fun animals for the kiddos to look at, feed and pet.

After naptime, we got on our cutesy 4th gear on and headed over for a cookout and fireworks!

our nightly dance party!

And tickle fights with the "Codfish".


what a fantastic Fourth!!  We've already started planning for next year!

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