7 June ~ Who needs an American Girl Doll...

when you have the real thing???

Today I took Sable back to the breast feeding center to have her weight and jaundice level checked, and well, it didn't go as planned.  She was down almost 15% from her birth weight.  6 lbs., 2 oz.  If she'd been down 1 more percent, they'd have readmitted her right then.  They tested my milk and I made a whopping 1/2 and ounce!  No wonder... she's STARVING.  The pediatrician wouldn't even let me leave there without giving her a bottle.  Poor baby sucked it dry.  They told me I had to supplement after every feeding.  Ugghh--- I seriously don't understand why I can't breastfeed and produce milk like everyone else.  It's so frustrating!  Both my mother and my MIL could breast feed like champs and I can't  AT ALL.  If were going to succeed with any of them it would've been Sable... she latched on like a champ and had the strongest suck.

To add insult to injury her jaundice level skyrocketed as well, and if she goes up 2 more points by the morning, they'll either admit her or make us get one of those tanning beds for the house.  Needless to say, this visit did not go as planned.
We left there and went straight to her Aunt Leah's house for her first photo shoot.  4 hours!  And lots of wardrobe changes.
She even got to meet these 2 little squirts.
When we finally got back home this little sweetie was exhausted!!  I got her in her preemie pjs and just had to take a picture!

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