6 June ~ Starting a new groove.

We adore doughnuts at our house, so it's only appropriate that we celebrate Sable's first day with glazed doughnuts. (=

Sailer rocking her Big Sister dress.

to match her baby sis.

There might be a little bit of showing off right now.
And Linc playing his laptop (one of the coolest parts of being in the hospital was because of this little man.)  He sadly flies under the radar often because he's quiet.  In the hospital once we'd checked into our new room, Linc was at the end of my bed and said "mommy, L A D."  I was confused until someone at the end of the bed looked up at me with astonishment.  He'd read the letters at the end of the bed.  LAD. Labor and Delivery.  I was dumb founded.  I had no idea he knew his letters that well.  We started to show him all the rest and I seriously almost died with excitement.  He knew them ALL!  I wish I could say that it was because I work with him feverishly like I did with Sailer, but unfortunately, it's wasn't.  I did work with him sort of when I worked with Sailer.... but I really believe it was due in large part to this little computer.  The best gift EVER.  Thanks, Larissa!
Rocking his Big Brother shirt.

Sweet moments.
Sable's first bath.

And her super cute personalized pj's.
My little doll.

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