5 June ~ Welcome home, Sable Rose.

I'm not certain how it's already time to head home, but day 3 is already here and it's time to pack up and show Sable her new home.

I've dressed both Sailer and Lincoln in the same outfit I plan to have them "christened" in for lack of a better term when they go home... so of course, I did the same thing for Miss. Sable.

My cup truly runneth over with the blessings the Lord has given me through these little ones.

And it's time to go home....

There are a lot of kids in that car!
And our first family picture at home.

Sailer got into a comfortable Big Sister shirt and was making welcome home cards for Sable.
Crazy Uncle Rhett.
This was the cutest thing EVER!  Sailer all of the sudden said, "did you know that Sable knows Kung Fu?"  (What?!?!)  "No, baby, what do you mean?"  "Yeah, she's like Kung Fu Panda when she wakes up."  Cracks me up because she's right. (=
Her first time in her crib.
And then, a little nap on the bunny.  This is SO very special because I took this exact picture of Sailer on the same bunny four years ago.

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