4 June ~ Sable Rose, Day 2

And my dear Sable Rose is two days old....
And so gorgeous...

Her Auntie Jenny came in just in time for her hearing test....
so she got to hold her while she passed it with flying colors. (=
And her Auntie Natalie stayed almost all day with us.

And Auntie Roxanne came in for her fussy time.

Here were her delicious cookies engraved with her initials held in a castle (true to form) for all those that visited her. (=

Unbenownst to Sable, she bought gifts for both her big sister and brother.

Already being spoiled....

Sailer got her own baby doll (aptly named "Sally" which sadly didn't make the cut for Sable).

"Big Brother Security"
Playing dress up with Sally.

This was the sweetest thing ever... he readily shared his most coveted possessions, his cars.
And my dear girls...

And my boys with their blankies... lol!
The three James girls.
And Linc finally holding Sable.
I think he's a fan.

Linc playing doctor.
And seriously, i say this every time but I could've stayed at the hospital forever!  Especially when they brought around the chocolate cart!  They gave us a box of chocolates that we devoured. (=

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