Welcome to the world my precious Sable Rose.

Well, despite that I've had contractions all night, I'm here. Ready to be induced. Ready to finally meet our little surprise darling. Here I am, checking into the hospital.  Excited. Nervous.  Ready.

And though I am undoubtedly a little hesitant about inducement, I'm so excited that Sable's birthday will share the same date that her great-grand-parents, Mur and Pom, were married.  They're a constant in my life and I couldn't imagine a more perfect day.
And getting dressed in my cute little gown from Auntie Kelly so I didn't have to wear the ugly hospital one.  This one was SO soft and even the nurse said so much more convenient. (funny story- i'd made friends with the nurse and when I told her I had my own gown, her only response was, "of course, you do."  ha ha.  In my defense, she did later say, I was surprisingly tough and very easy to take care of.
Today I was so very blessed to have one of my dear friends, Leah, who is conveniently a talented photographer there to capture one of the four most important days of my life (the 4 being my wedding, the birth of Sailer and Lincoln and now my dear Sable.)  I've thought about doing birth photography before, but I've always been hesitant.  Now that I have the photographs, I'm so glad I chose to do so this time.  They're priceless and without a doubt, a true treasure to me.

Ready for the big day.  When I checked in, they almost didn't give me the pitocin because I was somewhat in labor (whatever that means).  They didn't give me the full dose, but it was enough to start things going.

Here I am really starting to feel it.  I swear with each pregnancy I forget what it feels like....
Ready for our stay. (=  I'm a little anal.
My sweet but somewhat worthless husband.... though he regrets it now, he wasn't that great of help that day.  This is the position you could most readily find him.
My other two loves came to see me before Sable's entrance.  It was chaos in our room... so much for a quiet and relaxing birth.  With two toddlers, there is no such thing as quiet.
Dr. Sailer.

And crazy Lincoln.

With her Mimi.
And my awesome nurse telling me it's time to start pushing.  Seriously, I responded to the inducement this time just like I did with Lincoln. I was admitted and began the drip at the exact same time (around 7:45-8) and at noon, there was little to no progress.  Then, with prayers said, I progressed very quickly (like a 2 to a 10) in less than an hour and a half.
So it was officially time to push....

With little more than a push and half, here she was.  This perfect little person.  This little girl that was meant to be mine.  I am always amazed that God created (in this case) triple the amount of space in my heart to love this child.  I looked at her with shaking hands and thought, "how in the world did I get so lucky?"  She's beautiful and perfect.  With tan skin and black hair, she at first looked like her brother and sister.

And then, we discovered these gorgeous blue eyes.

This mommy is SO in love already....

I finally had to give her up so she could be measured, weighed, and checked out.
See her sweet daddy can't wait to take her picture.

Weighing in at 7 lbs., 3 oz.  My smallest baby by quite a bit.  But crazy enough at almost 21 inches, she's my longest by several inches.

The two grandmas giddy with glee.

Just had her and waiting for her to be given back.
Daddy and Sable- already holding tight.

Meeting Nana and Papa.
And how could we not have a picture of Sable and her Auntie Leah who was there for every step.
But the sweetest part of my day I think had to be this.  My precious and amazing first born daughter who was pacing outside because she was so excited to meet her new baby sister.... running in to meet her!
These are some of my most precious moments in my life to date.

And then, my gorgeous little timid boy coming to check on his mommy and meet the new baby.  I was shocked at how sweet and gentle he was.

Bar none one of my favorite pictures from the day.  This little guy may be stand-offish at first, but once he decides to love, he's loyal to the core.  I so love that there's a picture of him being instantly captivated by his little sister.

Our first picture as a family of 5!  holy cow, how did that happen?!?!  lol.

Sailer's first time to hold Sable.
This has been tradition... we gorge on Whataburger.  Gotta love that my babes adore fries with gravy just as much as their mama.
And finally, it's time for Sable's first bath.

She was not a fan!

But had great support the entire time.

And my dear Sable, you are entering the world in perfect personalized couture.  We wanted to teach you early on.  The funniest part of this was that in the middle of the night they took you to do some testing and I got worried that it took too long, so I scooted down to the nursery.... and I just burst out laughing. The nurse was holding you up and showing you off to all the nurses and doctors and they were all oogling over you and how perfect you looked (and I'm sure a few who thought your mama was insane!)  I just had to laugh.

Now this is a perfect picture of what's to come!
My sweet Sable sleeping at last.
What inspired the whole purple couture for the day was this single crown.  It was a gift from one of my sweet friends, Roxanne.  It was a joke at my shower because I thought it was for her first b-day but duh! it was meant to be the day she was born.  ha ha.  pregnancy brain rules again.

I think she was born to wear a crown. She is definitely our new princess.
My dear Sable... welcome to our crazy and fun family.  We love, we live, we do big like no one else, we are so excited to have you join our crazy adventure.

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Brandi said...

Everything looks so perfect!!!! 3 precious kiddos!!! And love all the cuteness of everything!!!! Congrats!!!