11 July

 This morning one of my sweet friends, Susan is coming over to cuddle with Sable and to let the big kids play.  Here is a sweet pic of my two baby girls....
 Right before she EXPLODED once again.  Sable doesn't ever just go to the bathroom.  She goes every other day, dies in between, and then, just explodes onto everything.  Poor baby girl.  It was so bad this morning, we had to stick her straight into the tub upon Susan's arrival.
 Sweet little Lincoln played so hard with Mr. Gavin he couldn't even wait to get in his crib for a nap.
 And ending the night with these two sweet girls cuddling on the couch.
 I just loved this b/c Sable's already pulling sailer's hair.  Thank goodness she thinks it's funny so far!  That'll change! lol!

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