12 July

 What is so sweet about this picture- despite the pink overload is these adorable bitty patent leather pink sandals.  Her Aunt Jenny bought these the day we found out she was a SHE.  And now she's here and wearing them.  Oh, how time is flying by!

This summer we have been home much more than we are used to.  We are NOT homebodies.  I physically cannot handle it.  It's sad because Sailer wakes up and the first thing she asks is either where are going today or who's coming for a playdate??  But while we are still adjusting to the new addition, we tend to not go and do as we did.  So we've had to find more games for the house.... this one has been a lifesaver!  Except for those dang little balls that we keep losing!
 Today Sailer went to gymnastics camp with some pals, and as we were heading out, Linc discovered this.  I THOUGHT I'D NEVER GET HIM TO LEAVE!  He didn't understand why he couldn't drive them.  What's sad or good (however you look at it), I'd been planning a car themed party for him for his third birthday (yes, I think that far in advance), and so many of the things I'd planned, they'd done.  It's a pretty cool place.  I who LOVES creating parties is seriously thinking of doing Linc's party there instead.  He'd love it and his daddy would be pleased at the time and money savings.  lol!

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