5 Monday ~ Date Night with Rob Thomas

As I told you a few weeks ago, Mark and I have decided our new date night is going to be going to concerts... it's so much better for us than movies (although I LOVE movies). But at concerts we talk, laugh, dance, hold each other, etc.... there's just so much more chemistry to be experienced, so it's really awesome! Tonight we went to see Rob Thomas solo who is just SOOO awesome and beyond talented. It was just an added treat that One Republic was with him. We fell in love with him when we were still going to our old church because they often did their songs. What made the night even better is that two of our new friends from Keystone went with us... and they were an absolute blast!!! Can I say that I am shocked... because sweet Mr. Heath has the same sense of humor as my husband, and let's just say that's a specific taste. (= And then, Mandy and I had such a great time that we got scolded by the people in front of us for talking too much... ummmm, you're at a concert. Regardless, it was an awesome date night with new friends who I can't wait to hang out with again soon!

These pictures totally stink but it was with my little point and shoot and they're never worth much!)=

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