21 Dec ~ 007 Playgroup Christmas Party

Today was Sailer's playgroup's Christmas Party at the house. I have no idea why I didn't get more pics of the actual party, but it was super cute and the kids had a blast. (=Our little table for the kids to make and decorate Christmas trees.
Sailer loves all things crafty (shocker), so she spend a lot of her time here.

Where's Linc?
Oh yeah, under the tulle!
Linc playing with this little cutie, Moo.
Enjoying some yummy cupcakes courtesy of her sweet friend, Adam.
Um.... you think he was enjoying himself?
My 2 cuties!

Loving having his pics taken... lol!
So the "I'm not touching you" game has already started.
And someone just might be teething?!?!?

That afternoon we headed to Sunshine Glaze to make platters for the kiddos grandparents.
Sailer thought it was so funny to get to fingerpaint... Linc, not so much.

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