22 Dec ~ Letter from Santa and Cookie Decorating with Nana

This morning my little princess awoke to a letter (email) from Santa himself. She thought this was the coolest thing that she had to bring her "berries" (aka fairies) into watch it with her. From the start of the Christmas holidays, Sailer has insisted that Santa bring her a "purple present;" unfortunately she refuses to extrapolate. Santa is going to have to get creative, I guess. (=Sailer on the "nice list."
Asking for the mystery purple present.

This afternoon we headed to Sailer's Nana's house for another tradition... our Christmas Cookie Decorating Party. We make a gazillion cookies with Sailer who was clad in her holiday baking paraphernalia. She LOVES it. If you received any baked goods from us this year, I apologize for the following pictures and pray you're not against double dipping! (=

Every baker needs a break....
And we're back for round 2.

NOT patiently waiting for them to cool down.
Have you seen the muffin man?

Seriously, I could EAT him up!!!

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