20 May ~ Sailer's End of the Year Party

Sailer's rock star daddy surprised mommy big time by really watching the kiddos while I was in France.... I honestly thought it would be a lot of grandma fill-in days, but he was so good. (So good in fact, that when I returned, he was sure to tell me and all of my friends how easy it is to be a stay at home mom..... grrrr.... I guess it would be easy when all outfits are meticulously laid out for you and other than school, you stay at home pretty much naked for a week straight. (= But I digress...)

Today was Sailer's end of the year party. Neither Krista or I are in town this week, so we pulled decor together and another mom (thank you Ginger!) pulled it off beautifully in our absence.

(A bow was too much for daddy to handle... at least her dress is cute. (=)

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