Day 7 ~ Napoleon's Haven

It's been a lot of walking this week, so we actually slept in and too it leisurely today. We woke up and had brunch at Lauduree.
Attempted our first metro experience.... utter failure. Lol. (In our defense, we did figure it out the following day.)

Today we headed back to Invalides and the Musee de Armee, and it was such a nice day, this is what we found everywhere. I loved the way they just embraced the moment over there.

Napoleon's tomb.

The inside of Invalides.

One of the churches highlighted in the Da Vinci Code.
And this whole little nook included the most high end jewelry designers on the planet.... we did a lot of window shopping here.
Tonight we dined at this little outdoor restaurant which was incredible. I had beef bourguignon that even Julia would be impressed.

The sights from our table. I could so get used to this.

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