Day 6 ~ Culture from sun up to sundown.

After breakfast, we headed to the opening of Notre Dame.It was so picturesque beside the Seine.

Look how little I look... haha.

I only included this picture because I lit my first candles ever here.... it was for mothers and babies.... so I thought of my sweet friend, Carmen. Thus, I lit candles for their safe entry into this world and bought them rosaries from ND. (She's planning to birth twins naturally so I'm sure she could use all the prayers in the world. Maybe for her sanity??? he he.)

(I'm gonna take a guess and say this is a part where we were being fairly irreverent. It happened often.)

Another very cool site in Paris is the Conciergerie, which was the former palace and prison in Paris. It had a somewhat unpleasant reputation as the "antechamber to the guillotine" during the Reign of Terror amidst the French Revolution.

It is where Marie-Antoinette, Queen of France, was imprisoned before she was beheaded. They created royal chambers for her.

The Palace of Justice.... which was somewhat ironic because back during the French Revolution when you were tried for a crime, there were only two outcomes..... innocence or a death sentence. Pretty tough "justice."

Another one of the true highlights of our trip was seeing the last performance of La Bayadere at the Opera Garnier. Both are famous in their own right. And to top it off, our concierge got us fantastic seats. The opera house was truly one of the most exquisite parts of Paris. Every single minute detail is beautiful. I've truly never seen anything like it.
Back in the late 1800's, the grand chandelier fell, killing one patron. That history coupled with the underground lake and cellars came the creation of the Phantom of the Opera.

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