Day 5 ~ Champagne Country!

Today we actually left Paris for a little excursion to the Champagne region of France. It's about a two hour drive from the city, but it was definitely not a waste of time given that this was our view unenhanced from the drive.

There are so many incredible cathedrals there... we stopped along the way at one that was exquisite.

And finally, on to our destination.
First, we were treated to a perfect little lunch here.
And then, on to the good stuff. CHAMPAGNE!! Mommy's favorite.

The first vineyard was small and quaint which was lovely.... but then, we headed to the mother of all champagne makers. Moet & Chandon.

Tonight was my favorite dinner.... the Hotel de Crillon is one of the most exclusive hotels in Paris, and it was beyond stunning. The food was incredible and the service unparalleled.

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