Day 4 ~ Art Overload (in a good way)

I love, love, love museums... and I am in the heart of the best museums in the world. We started out the morning at the Louvre. It's so massive that we could have take then entire trip just here. So we attacked only one wing, the Denon, which warehouses some of the most popular and famous pieces in the world.
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the mona lisa.

the girl with the pearl earring.
but what i loved the most about the Louvre (and well, everywhere in Paris) is the architecture, the design, the decor, and THE CEILINGS!

the venus de milo.
We had lunch at le Cafe Marly which overlooks the inner courtyard of the Louvre.

Next we headed to the Musee d'Orsay. I know the Louvre is the more famous of the two big museums in Paris, but I fell in love with the Musee d'Orsay. I wish I could've taken more pictures, but cameras are forbidden in the exhibits. Mostly, I loved it because it had a permanent exhibit of my absolute favorite artist ever..... Edgar Degas. It was sensational!
The museum is located in a former train station.... and this is the original clock.

We've started a little tradition of a mid-afternoon glass of rose and sweet... inside the musee is this beautiful restaurant that we stopped into to continue the tradition. Apparently, it's very popular for wedding receptions in paris- I can totally see why.

Next we headed across the street to a museum instigated by President Chirac to hold all of the old tokens of battles, medals won, etc. I thought it might be a little boring.... boy was I wrong! What I didn't factor in was the gems in the medallions. There were the biggest stones I'd ever seen. Wowza.

Tonight we headed back to the opera district to eat at this super yummy little cafe.

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